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Does Mom Need Help?

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Does Mom Need Help?

“Your mother’s doctor called to tell you in a few days she can return home but she’ll need someone to help her at home with cooking, cleaning, and bathing.”


“Mom seems okay but papers are piling up, bills aren’t getting paid, there’s rotten food in the refrigerator. This isn’t like her.”


We regularly get calls like this from the children of our clients. We refer them to either Visiting Angels, a senior home, or LivHOME, an organization with Geriatric Professionals, Care Managers, and Caregivers who help seniors live safely in their homes.

For more information on LivHOME, call Deanna Cason at (949) 794-9470 or go to For more information on Visiting Angels, their number is (877) 618-4748 or go to

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