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Trust Review

Trust Review


Many of you already have a Revocable Living Trust. However, your Living Trust may have been prepared years ago. You know there are provisions in your Living Trust which need to be updated, revised or completely removed, but you are not sure what needs to be done.

Many Living Trusts are long, complicated legal documents that can be confusing and overwhelming to read. By having an experienced California estate planning attorney review your trust, you are ensuring that it will be reviewed with an eye for not only the changes you may want to make, but also with changes in the law that may be beneficial to your loved ones who have to administer your trust when the time comes.

If you have relocated to California from another state, it is advisable to have an experienced California estate planning attorney to review, and possibly amend, your Living Trust so that it is compliant with California law and up to date based on changes in your life that should be reflected in your Living Trust.

Why not get a second opinion of your current estate plan from a certified estate tax planning attorney with over 45 years of experience?

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