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Trust Litigation

Trust Litigation


Trust litigation can be initiated during or after trust administration due to a variety of different reasons. A beneficiary may wish to pursue litigation when payments have been insufficient, when the trustee incorrectly values assets before sale or makes crucial accounting or reporting errors.

Creditor claims may also be a common cause of trust litigation, as well as other family members who may feel they are entitled to part or all of a trust. Protecting your trust from negligent trustees or from overzealous opportunists is absolutely critical, especially for those who depend on their trust to maintain their lifestyle.

Beneficiaries often pursue litigation in an effort to acquire their full legal rights of a trust, or to protect the assets from creditors who may seek to make a claim against your trust.

Trust litigation can be a confusing matter without a trusted estate planning attorney, as the laws associated with this type of litigation are often complex and can be difficult for a novice to comprehend and act upon. Call us for a free review of your current situation.

Our goal is to resolve any dispute without going to court, but if you need help we can represent you.


We have over 40 years experience drafting and administering trusts. Our years of experience help us try our best to make your estate plans rigorous and withstand your wishes even in the face of a challenge. Please call (949) 756-0684 for your complimentary consultation today.


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