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Estate Planning

For most clients, an estate plan includes a living trust, pour over wills, durable powers of attorney and advance health care directives. It also includes a schedule A to list the assets you have including real estate, bank accounts and business interests like S corporations, partnerships and LLCs...


Probate is required if a person has no Will. Probate is also required even if a person has a Will. Probate is required unless a person takes steps to avoid probate. Probate is "proving the will" through a court proceeding. If there is no will, the decedent's property will pass to the decedent's heirs according to California law...

Trust Administration

Following the death of a Trustor(s), the Trust continues as a management and distribution vehicle that will exist only so long as is necessary to identify and collect trust assets, pay debts and taxes, and distribute the trust assets to the beneficiaries (depending on the terms of the Trust)...

Trust Review

Many of you already have a Revocable Living Trust. However, your Living Trust may have been prepared years ago.

Trust Litigation

Trust litigation can be initiated during or after trust administration due to a variety of different reasons. A beneficiary may wish to pursue litigation when payments have been insufficient, when the trustee incorrectly values assets before sale or makes crucial accounting or reporting errors.

Estate Tax Planning

Although California has no death tax, the federal death tax can be substantial. The larger your estate, the more carefully you must plan and choose from many options, depending on your specific circumstances and objectives.

Pet Trusts

Pet trusts are legal devices that allow you to appoint a caretaker to care for your pet after you pass away. A Pet Trust will ensure that your pet receives the proper food, housing, veterinarian care, and kennel care after you're gone.


Guardians of the property or the person of a minor are appointed in probate court proceedings similar to those involving conservatorships, but applying only to persons under 18 years of age.

Special Needs Trust for Disabled Children

When a child has a developmental disability, a chronic illness, or a medical condition that interferes with employment, or even a severe problem with drugs or alcohol, a special needs trust usually is necessary to ensure the long-term support and care of that child.

Business and Succession Planning

Developing an effective succession plan is one of the most important steps you can take to provide a strategy for the continued success of your business for future generations. Succession planning develops a framework for the smooth transition from you to the next generations.

The Medical Wallet Card

Emergency Access to Your Medical Directive