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Our family owns an international manufacturing company. I was audited by the IRS and had several meetings with our CPAs and our corporate attorneys, they both told us we had no case and we had to pay additional estate taxes to the IRS. We wanted a second opinion and we consulted with the law firm of W. Bailey Smith. Bailey advised us to fight the IRS. We followed Bailey’s advice and we won. Thank you Bailey for saving our family millions of dollars in taxes. You saved our family business. I will always be grateful to Bailey.

Confidential Client

During my career as an estate tax attorney with the IRS I reviewed thousands of different attorneys’ estate planning documents. I wanted the best attorney to do my work. I found Bailey’s documents to be among the best and that is why I have consulted with him for my own personal estate plan.

Confidential Client, Retired IRS Agent

I retired from the practice of law in 2013. All of my clients’ files were transferred to Bailey’s office. I have known Bailey for a good number of years, and I was very pleased that he wanted to combine my clients with his. Bailey has received many honors. The California State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization has certified Bailey as a Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law. He has taught classes in estate and gift taxation and lectured on tax savings throughout California.

Robert W. Little

If you need a heart doctor, you’d want a board certified cardiologist. If you need an estate planning attorney, you’d want a certified estate tax planning specialist, like Bailey. There are over 15,000 attorneys in Orange County, but only a few have been certified by the State Bar of California as experts in wills, trusts, and estate planning. That’s why I hired Bailey as my personal attorney. I have been practicing law for 20 years, but I needed a top notch estate tax planning specialist to plan my family’s estate plan. I wanted my family’s money to stay in my family’s blood line for my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Bailey created a unique estate plan for my family to avoid in-laws that become outlaws; to avoid predators and creditors; and to eliminate the voluntary 40% death tax. Bailey is not only an estate tax planning guru, but he has also become one of my very best friends.

Philip Sheldon, Attorney at Law

Bailey is one of the few certified estate tax attorneys in Orange County. He drafted our estate plan. He represented us in an IRS audit which resulted in a substantial victory for our family. He gives every client his 55-page booklet entitled “How To Plan Your Estate Today.” He also provides his clients with plain English explanations of different choices they have in planning their estate, and a DVD that they can watch to review the steps necessary to complete their estate plan. We have used and recommended Bailey for all of our estate tax needs during the last 25 years. We are privileged to call Bailey both our estate planning attorney, and also our friend. We strongly recommend W. Bailey Smith to anyone with any estate tax problems or trust administration issues.

Vicki & Trigg Gumm

As I read your educational booklet on How to Plan Your Estate Today, one thought kept recurring in my mind: “I wish I had said that! What more can I say, it is superb.”

Norman F. Dacy, author of the best­selling book "How To Avoid Probate"

We have used W. Bailey Smith for the past 15 years in handling our wills and trusts. He has restated documents from prior attorneys and he has done a superb job for us in protecting our assets against taxes and lawsuits. From my family to your family I highly recommend Bailey to anyone needing estate tax planning.

Dr. Allan Shanberg

We strongly endorse W. Bailey Smith’s legal and planning skills. He has made a tremendous difference for our family’s ability to retain its wealth by protecting it from excessive taxation by a hungry IRS. We have annual meetings with Bailey where he makes certain that things remain as they should be. He stays current with changes in the law and with the changes in our family’s circumstances that may be affected by the law. Bailey convinced us that our estate planning documents must be correctly prepared ahead of the time that they will be needed and without delay. We are all busy. Yet, a big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worrying about the “what-ifs” of life. Working with Bailey has given us tremendous comfort for our future. We are proud to have him representing us.

Brad & Scott Wolfenden

Sandee and I could not be more pleased with the expertise and support provided by W. Bailey Smith. We had a limited knowledge of trusts. Bailey provided the needed expertise so we could be at peace with our estate planning for both our present and our future.

Ron & Sandee Neustein

Kate and I have appreciated Bailey’s assistance over the past 20 years with regard to our living trust, and advice as to coordinating our personal assets, trust assets, and our corporation, into an overall estate plan to provide continuing benefits to our family, including children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren. Bailey has kept our family informed over the years as to changes in estate planning. I have been pleased to refer my clients to Bailey for their estate planning requirements.

George & Kate Eastman

Early on, Bailey pointed out that there were many avenues that our tax codes allowed you to take advantage of in your estate planning. Our tax codes change so frequently and it takes someone like Bailey who has the unique designation and expertise in this area to stay on top of these changes and opportunities. Bailey meets with my wife and me periodically to review our plan and tax code changes. In recent years, we have had our two grown sons meet with Bailey to ensure their understanding of our estate plan. By doing so, Bailey has now met with their families and has created their estate plans and is protecting the second and third generations of our family. Our entire family takes great comfort in knowing Bailey and his professional staff are in our corner.

Linda & Walt Florie

Some years ago, my wife and I decided to get our financial affairs in order. We didn’t want some impersonal organization handling our assets and the sale of our home. Knowing of Bailey Smith’s reputation for handling situations like ours, I asked Bailey to meet with us and evaluate our proposed trustee’s ability to handle the job. Bailey agreed to advise and guide the trustee. We feel that he saved us a lot of money and frustration which would have resulted from dealing with a corporate trustee. He arranged for an excellent accountant and in general, helped us through the whole process when my wife died. I unequivocally recommend Bailey for anyone who is concerned about his estate and what problems arise upon the death of his spouse.

Frank Hardison

My original estate plan was drawn up in 1991, and I came to believe that it could be greatly improved. In 2013, I worked with Bailey to rewrite my plan to both reduce estate taxes and to protect my heirs from losing any part of their inheritance to predators, creditors, or in-laws. I am very happy with my experience with Bailey, and I highly recommend him.

Phil deCarion

Recognized Expert
W. Bailey is a well recognized expert in his field. He provides outstanding service and has years of knowledge that his colleagues and clients benefit from tremendously.

Bill Bryant, Advisor/Consultant/Broker

Pleasure to Work with
I have had the pleasure of working with Bailey for many years on mutual client matters and have consistently been impressed with his knowledge, responsiveness and the outstanding manner in which he serves his clients. He has a wonderfully engaging personality that makes working with him a joy.

Kimberly Dwan Bernatz, CFP, Senior Vice President

Consummate Professional
W. Bailey Smith is a consummate professional. He is a Certified Specialist in estate planning, trust administration and probate. I have had ongoing and frequent contact with Bailey over the past few years, and I never cease to be amazed by the incredible breadth and depth of his knowledge, as well as his superior competence, creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Paul Lee, Senior Counsel