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House Swapping

House Swapping

House swapping simply means that you and your family agree with a family from a different area to live in each other’s homes during your holiday. Swap your home and travel just about everywhere in the world. No money changes hands between the exchangers so you can have free accommodations. Normally your car is also exchanged.

Over the last few years, our family has done eight different swaps of our Laguna Beach home for different homes in Europe. Rather than staying at the Hilton Hotel, we exchanged homes. We’ve never had any problems.

Our first swap was at Charles Dickens’ great grandson’s home in Glastonbury, England. This was a 5-bedroom 5 bath home on 10 acres in the country that included an apartment in London. We also swapped our Lexus for his BMW and toured Southern England.

We also did swaps in Paris, Brest, Cologne, Amsterdam, Lausanne, and Morgins, Switzerland.

Europeans do swaps all the time. The advantage of course is it is free accommodation so when they charge you for a $25 cup of coffee on the Champs-Elysees, it doesn’t matter because you haven’t paid for a hotel or for a car.

Here is a photograph of Kimmie and Heather when we were in Holland.

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